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Green archives

Collaborated with Shelley Picot and Art Enables artists including Debora Green, Imani Turner, Egbert “Clem” Evans, Mara Clawson, Gary Murrell, and Vanessa Monroe. Together, we created an exhibition that considers ecosystems and the stories humans have told about them throughout time. Art Enables is a gallery and vocational arts program dedicated to creating opportunities for artists with disabilities to make, market, and earn income from their original and compelling artwork.

The Magic Books displayed here are a series of intimate, interactive books to be distributed to strangers through free libraries.

Visit the Online Exhibit at Art Enables

The Wild Inviting
The Wild Inviting - detail
The Wild Inviting - detail
Magic Book - Forage
Magic Book - Forage
Magic Book - Forage
Magic Book - Reciprocity
Magic Book - Reciprocity
Magic Book - Reciprocity
Magic Book - Ink
Magic Book - Ink
The Wood Maiden
Memory Garden
Tales From the Forest Garden
Bugs and Flower
Super Fruit
Harpy Family Reunion
Strawberry Poem
Anthill Travels
Bright Bright
New Growth
Plant Animal
In Winter
Another Portrait of the Moon
Held Tight to This Good Earth
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